Leading Change with Courage: Principles & Practices for Cultivating Conscious Leadership*

(*For Alternative Sex and Relationship Lifestyle Community Leaders (E.g. Leather/Power Exchange, Kink, BDSM, Poly/CNM)

Community IS

The Whole World is Waiting and Watching: Intersectional and Culturally Responsible Leadership and Organizing

In this interactive workshop discover ways to engage courage in the face of discomfort, peace and collective healing when barriers are present, and strength and resilience when adversity is both a long-time and duplicitous acquaintance.

In this workshops series you will receive EIGHT LIVE leadership training calls with Sir Big Red aka Angelique L. Burke, MS, EdS, LPC, CPCS! 


During the 8 weeks of sessions, we will explore:

Session 1 ~ Cultivating a Culture of Vulnerability, Belonging, and Collective Healing

Session 2 ~ Our House: building & tending to a strong house from the foundation up

Session 3 ~ U-Turn: exploring transferable skills, tips, and strategies for getting unstuck

Session 4 ~ Relational Living/Relationality

Session 5 ~ Accountability and Allyship

Session 6 ~ Generosity in Growth Edges

Session 7 ~ Exchange: Creating an Action Plan and Paying it Forward

Session 8 ~ Integration, Next Steps, and Maintenance

“Wanna go fast, go alone. Wanna go far, go together.” ~ African Proverb


No prerequisites required personal development and coaching.

Becoming a successful effective responsible conscious leader.


Dynamic design

Principles and practices

Critical thinking


Mind body holistic approach

Live interactions

Actionable tips

Implement strategies immediately.

Comprehensive steppingstone to future trainings

Combination of theory and practice

Beginner friendly


Holistic self-growth


Daily practices

Action plan





Creation of next level goals

Stay focused and motivated develop confidence and achieve goals.

Learn actionable solutions and tools for personal growth.

Cultivating change


Community Resiliency Building: Coming Together When Things Fall Apart

  • Do you ever wonder how to break unhealthy cycles that continue to hurt individuals and communities at large?
  • Would you like to be able to employ some skills when, not if, there is a rift in your community or organization?
  • Want to know what to do when you’re a bystander to “inappropriate” or harmful behaviors in your community or organization?


Resetting, restoring, and rebuilding a more accountable and resilient community!


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