August 2015 Newsletter

Greetings Everyone! Are you experiencing, or at least making movement towards experiencing the “Now Life” that you want? I know I am doing both, and let me tell you that it still continues to be a “good struggle.” In my Newsletters I guess it’s fair to say that I am being “transparently curious,” hopefully along with you, or at least as encouragement for you to experiment with trying it as well.

For this month I wanted to share with you all one of my recent very favorite pass times and a therapeutic tools I’ve used for years---the Mandala. Therefore, below you will find some information about what a Mandala is, what some of the benefits to using them with clients and even for yourself are, ways I have used them personally, as well as a few that you could get started with.

What is a Mandala?: often seen as a sacred circle—frequently a circle within a circle-- with intrinsic meaning that can provide a great basis of reflection on one’s inner self, soul, spirit, nature, and desires. The word “mandala” comes from Sanskrit and loosely means “circle” or “center.” It has no beginning or end, and within its circular shape is believed to have “the power to promote relaxation, balance the body’s energies, enhance your creativity, and support healing.” Carl Jung, psychoanalyst, has been noted as saying it’s “a representation of the unconscious self.”

Though they go unrecognized often, Mandalas are everywhere and can reflect life as we know and experience it, and a larger ecosystem and universe--from the micro to macro levels: our cells, atoms, planets, and the Universe.

Mandalas can be created for art and for a therapeutic personal introspective process as a symbol or reflection of who you were/are when you created it, and for self-healing, self-reflection, self-expression, and self-exploration.

Many peoples and cultures utilize them such as Buddhists, Tibetans, and Hindus. In fact, it is said that for Tibetan monks, the sand mandala characterizes multi-dimensional fields of intuitive and spiritual consciousness and enlightenment. The medicine wheel, which is also a type of mandala, symbolizes sacred ceremonial space and the circle of life for Native Americans. Within eastern and western cultures, the mandala has often been used to denote oneness, harmony, community, unity, wholeness, spirituality, and healing.

I have seen clients utilize mandalas as a means of meditation, inspiration, psychic, spiritual and emotional healing, connection with a higher power, tapping into internal strength, memorializing, increasing self-control, anxiety reduction, centering, calming, and increasing core ego strength.

Last night I did a Meditative Mandala activity with my women’s group, and though none of them had done them before, and may have been a little nervous to do it, each fully engaged in the activity, and reported some elements of insight and increased sense of calm and relaxation at the end of it.

I, personally, over the last few years have intentionally used them to assist me with moving through grief and loss as a result of multiple miscarriages, as well as a way to project, vision, and invite that which I do want…not just in a *“Rainbow Baby,” but also in my relationships, with my finances, and in terms of community connections and supports. It has NOT been about the final product, but about the journey and process of doing the mandala, and it’s a representation of something personal and internally meaningful…, almost as a part of ordering and managing my thoughts, fears, feelings, and focus on my desires and goals. In my doing them somewhat consistently, I have moved from facilitating “Mandala Mondays” with my groups, to doing Sunday Morning Mandalas alone in my home, and lately have found myself working on them at least 5 out of 7 days along with other family members!

*”Rainbow Baby”- a baby that is born after experiencing a previous miscarriage(s), stillbirth(s), neonatal death(s) or infant loss(es). As we see in nature, a beautiful and cheerful rainbow follows a storm and gives hope of things to come. In comparison to the storm, the rainbow is far more appreciated after the storm.

For More On The Benefits to doing Mandalas:

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Though I know it’s hard sometimes, may you be and stay encouraged!

Sending you all encouragement, love, and light, Angelique!

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